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Helping to Understand the Past
Finding the way Forward

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How I work

My Approach:   I offer an integrative approach to both my counselling and coaching, providing individuals with the time and space to explore and discuss the issues which may be troubling them. During sessions with me you will be free to explore your thoughts and feelings, both positive and negative without the danger of rejection or condemnation. 

Training: I am trained in and use several approaches where appropriate, these include person-centred counselling, cognitive behavioural therapy - CBT, transactional analysis - TA, psychodynamic counselling, group therapy, couples counselling and family therapy.


'Integrative counsellors use skills from different therapies - Person Centred Counselling, Psychodynamic Counselling and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy.  This helps clients to make the changes they want in their lives.'

'Person-centred counselling does not give advice or offer solutions to problems but helps clients to understand their needs and to find ways of meeting those needs.'

'Psychodynamic counselling looks at the influence of the past and at recurring patterns.'

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy looks at the ways that thought, behaviour and feelings affect us and how these can be changed to solve specific problems.

As your counsellor I will try to:

  • Listen properly to what you are saying and not interrupt you
  • Value you
  • Help and support you to sort out your feelings and worries
  • Provide you with an insight into how you really think and feel
  • Help you express your emotions in your own way
  • Help you to work out your own solutions to problems
  • Help you to accept what cannot be changed

Many people experience emotional difficulties at some point in their lives. I offer individuals of all ages short and long term work on issues such as: Family difficulties, Personal development, Stress/Anxiety, Depression, Loss & Bereavement, Self esteem and Confidence issues, Teenage issues, Questions about Personal Identity, Eating Disorders, Anger Management, Unresolved Issues from the Past and Traumatic Experiences.

I also provide counselling and support for student counsellors and student coaches at reduced rates.

Personal Consultancy

The aim of personal consultancy is to help you solve your problems and to facilitate your personal development. It identifies your natural strengths and builds on them. I will aim to help you grow as a person whilst moving towards your goals.  Together we will develop a confidential partnership which is mutual and focussed, thus enabling you to reach your full potential.  

Life, Business and Executive Coaching

"Thoughtful coaching can help people to learn a lot about themselves which can help them become happier and more confident, thus facilitating change."

As your coach I will try to:

  • Listen and value you
  • Help you to gain deeper understanding and acceptance of yourself
  • Help you to face difficult career choices
  • Develop new skills
  • Evaluate your life and career
  • Move forward with clarity

Your sessions with me will be totally confidential.

I will provide you with a safe, confidential, supportive and non-judgemental environment. My aim is to help my clients to know themselves, to develop and grow in their own way, to become the person that they 'really' are independent of the pressure of others.

Guided Meditation and Mindfulness

Guided Meditation helps to bring peace of mind, improved health and happiness.  It helps to reduce stress and to become more relaxed.  To experience guided meditation you just need to sit quitely, close your eyes and listen.  I will be your guide and I will lead you through a relaxing visualization.  A meditation can last five minutes or up to an hour.

Mindfulness is self-awareness and being present in the moment.  It is accepting things as they are without judgment.  It is increasingly used in the treatment of depression and has considerable benefits for health and wellbeing.  I will help you to practice mindfulness which will enable you to incorporate it into your everyday life.