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Appointments and Fees

Many people feel a certain amount of anxiety when seeking coaching or counselling help and it may be difficult for you to make that first telephone call or send the first email, please don't worry, I will do all that I can to put you at ease and will be happy to explain how I work. Remember, I offer confidential support.

Our first appointment will be an opportunity to meet each other, explore how counselling or coaching might help and establish a basis for moving forward. At this stage there is no commitment to ongoing meetings. If you do decide that you would like to continue working with me, we would agree on a regular time and day which is convenient to us both.


For individuals, my fee for regular weekly 50 minutes sessions is £45 in Colyton. For couples my fee for regular weekly 50 minutes sessions is £55 in Colyton. However, I do keep a number of reduced fee sessions for those on a low income.

Supervision fees for individual counsellors are £55 per 1.5 hour session in Colyton and elsewhere in East Devon. I offer a reduced rate for student counsellors, please contact me for details. Group supervision is also available in Colyton.


Traditionally counsellors and coaches see clients once a week for 50 minutes to an hour and most of my clients opt for this arrangement. However, some clients prefer a session to be longer, whilst for others an hour is too long and they prefer to arrange something shorter. Supervision sessions are normally 1.5 hours and are every 4 weeks unless otherwise agreed.

Some clients value seeing their counsellor or coach at a fixed time and day each week. However, for people whose working hours vary or whose lifestyle makes it difficult to maintain such a pattern, I am happy to make arrangements which are mutually convenient.

My work ranges from a few sessions to a much longer term counselling or coaching relationship. I do not have fixed ideas about this and am happy that my clients decide what is most appropriate for them.

Email and telephone counselling and coaching are available. My fees are as for face to face sessions, but following the first session are payable in advance. These types of counselling can often be helpful where there are difficulties in making arrangements to see me. Many of my coaching clients find email or telephone coaching more convenient to meetings.