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Helping to Understand the Past
Finding the way Forward

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About Counselling, Coaching and Personal Consultancy


During counselling the client and the counsellor, meeting on a private and confidential basis, take time to explore a difficulty the client is struggling with, or distress the client is suffering.

Counselling is not directive. The counsellor listens carefully and with patience to begin to understand the problem from the client's point of view. The counsellor's aim is to help the client to see things more clearly and from a different perspective. This should reduce their confusion and enable them to decide, from their own perspective, the best way forward.

The counselling session is a safe environment where clients can discuss aspects of their lives and feelings, without the worry of being judged. Emotions can be explored thus making them easier to understand.

It is important that the counsellor accepts and respects their client and that trust is developed between them. This enables the client to review their life, relationships and feelings and clears the way for change and development.

Life, Business & Executive Coaching

Life Coaching is essentially a non-directive form of development. Successful coaching is based on an understanding and belief that people are the sum of their genes, their experience and the circumstances of their lives.

Business & Executive Coaching is a method of directing, instructing and training a person with the aim of achieving a goal or developing specific skills.

A personal coach helps you to look at your problems objectively and helps you to then set goals and ultimately to achieve them. You look at where you are now and where you want to be in the future. Together with your coach you will develop your action plan and set goals which will enable you to get where you wish to go. Your coach will then go on to help you to stick to your action plan whilst encouraging you to reach your goals.

Coaching requires a shared trust, equality and empathy between the client and the coach. To be successful it requires the client's desire to work on the future whilst acknowledging the effects of the past. The client also needs to be willing to work through issues and make changes that will help towards a more self-confident and productive life.

Personal Consultancy

Personal Consultancy integrates counselling and coaching.  A personal consultant combines a number of different approaches to their client's problems or issues which address both the past and the future.  The consultant is a facilitator who assists the client to identify and achieve their goals whether in their personal life or in business.